Luxury Marble – NEW

Experience the Timeless Beauty of Our Luxury Marble Collection


Devoted to the global search for rare and luxury marble and exquisite natural stones, the shared passion that unites us guarantees that each creation stands out uniquely. Artistry and craftsmanship converge in our work, ultimately transforming spaces into timeless works of beauty, whether for kitchen countertops or grand foyer installations

The assembly of dedicated artisans and designers, consistently challenges the boundaries of what can be achieved with these exceptional materials. Each luxury marble slab tells a geological story, with unique patterns and colors that reflect millions of years of history.

We take great pride in curating a broad selection of luxury marble varieties, carefully sourced from renowned quarries worldwide. in the case that you’re in search of Carrara’s classic elegance, Calacatta’s allure, or Nero Marquina’s dramatic beauty, we have the perfect luxury marble to bring your vision to life.

Beyond materials, Ideamarble‘s core mission is to inspire Our design consultants work closely with clients, comprehending their preferences and project goals to enhance each space’s character. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability ensures responsible sourcing, ultimately investing in a more sustainable future.

Elevate your living spaces with Ideamarble‘s unparalleled quality and diversity of luxury marble. Explore our collection to transform your projects into timeless masterpieces.


Calacatta oro Extra


Calacatta light Old vein R

Calacatta light

Calacatta marble

Calacatta Old vein R

Calacatta Old vein

Calacatta oro AS

Statuarietto A

Statuarietto AS

Statuarietto Bettogli

Statuarietto vena fine

Statuario fantasy

Statuario Honey

Venatino Gioia



White Carrara C extra

White Carrara C

white Carrara CD commercial

White Carrara Gioia veins A

White Carrara Gioia

45° Blue

Cloudy land

Ice vanilla

Iceberg white


Onyx bubble

Portoro silver

Rainbow onyx

Red Lepanto

River grey

Travertine onyx

Van Gogh blue

Veined red

Iris multicolor

Lillac white

Dove Gray

dove gray

Luxury marble snowflake


Ivory white